The Most Common Roof Issues: Roof Repairs Near Lake Minnetonka

“When do I need a new roof?” It’s a question that some homeowners ask all too often, and some don’t ask often enough. The intense climate around Lake Minnetonka leads to roof degradation over time and eventually your roof – no matter how sturdy it is – will need to be replaced. But depending on what’s wrong with your roof, simple repairs might suffice for quite a while. Here are some common roof issues that you can solve by calling a professional roofing contractor to perform roof repairs, pushing off the need for a costlier roof replacement.

4 Roof Issues That You Should Watch Out For

1. Leaking – Finding a leak is what most commonly prompts homeowners to have their roof repaired. Roof leaks frequently occur around chimneys, gutters and vents. However, storm damage, as well as natural wear and tear, can also create vulnerabilities in your roofing materials through which water leaks down into your attic and ceiling, causing water damage. Wherever the leak originated, if you see water dripping down when it rains, it’s time for roof repairs.

2. Shingle Damage – When powerful storms roll through Lake Minnetonka, they often cause damage to roofing materials with straight-line winds and large hail. If your neighborhood has recently experienced a violent thunderstorm, it would be wise to inspect your roof for any shingles that have been cracked, loosened or stripped away entirely. When you discover this type of damage, it’s important to have your roof repaired before further problems occur.


3. Flashing Damage – Flashing is a thin waterproof barrier installed around the edges of chimneys and vents to keep water from seeping through your roof. Unfortunately, like all parts of your roof, flashing will be weathered over time and may eventually begin to crack, allowing for leaks. If you can’t find an obvious leak in your roof, damaged flashing is a likely cause and you should call a professional roofing repair contractor.


4. Ice Dams – The cold winters in the Lake Minnetonka area can lead ice dams to form on rooftops. As their name suggests, ice dams trap melting snow, preventing it from running off the roof into gutters. This build-up of snow will take a toll on your roof shingles, which can lead to leaks forming. On older or flatter roofs, the build-up of too much snow could even lead to a collapse. If you notice a consistent problem with ice dams over the winter, you should have your roof repaired come spring.

The #1 Local Roof Repair Contractor

If your roof is leaking or you’re worried it’s suffered damage, the safest choice is always to call a trusted roofing contractor for inspection and repairs. Contact Incline Exteriors today if you need roof repair services for your home in the Lake Minnetonka area!

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