Minnesota Roof Repair Service – Minneapolis St. Paul

A properly installed roof on a home or commercial building should be expected to last for decades. However, like all parts of any building, a certain amount of maintenance and repairs can be expected during the lifetime of any roof. As the leading roofer in the Twin Cities, our commitment to our customers includes a constant readiness to perform necessary roof maintenance and repairs. For some roofing companies, maintenance and repair work is not wanted, unless it leads to the sale of a brand new roof. At our roofing and exterior services company in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, we treat repairs and maintenance as another chance to provide exceptional service. If you experience any issue with your roof, including those listed below, call us right away, and let us evaluate the problem and suggest the best possible solution:


Professional Roof
Leak Repairs

Any time your roof develops a leak, quick action is needed to prevent that leak from causing costly damage to other parts of your home. Often, a leak is only detected after water leaks into your home’s interior. As soon as that happens, it’s time to take action and call for expert assessment of the problem by one of our experienced roofers. In most cases, if the roof is sound, the leak can be located accurately and repairs made in a way that maintains your roof’s appearance and solves the problem. At our Twin Cities roofing company, leak repair is a service we offer to everyone in our Minneapolis St. Paul Metro service area. We’ll never use a leaky roof as a way to sell you a reproofing job, as long as your roof is sound overall and the leak can be safely and correctly repaired.

Flashing around
Roof Penetrations

A large percentage of roof leaks take place around plumbing vents, chimneys, skylights, ventilation fixtures and other features that penetrate the roof. When these leaks occur, evidence of the leak may appear inside your home, far from the actual leak, as water can run down the inside of your roof before dripping on your ceiling or into your walls. In most cases, the expert roofers at our Twin Cities roofing company can repair leaks around flashing. By applying proper sealants or even replacing the flashing itself, we can stop those leaks on an otherwise sound roof without extensive roof replacement.

Damaged Shingle

A falling tree branch, objects thrown onto a roof, or even careless foot traffic on a roof can cause damage to roof shingles. When shingles are damaged, the waterproof qualities of your roof can be compromised. Where damage is localized and not extensive, our roofing contractor can usually replace the damaged shingles. We can match most shingle types and colors closely, making the repair virtually unnoticeable and saving you the cost of roof replacement. Call us if your roof is damaged, and let us assess the problem and suggest a solution.

Leaks & Damage by Snow &
Ice Accumulations

In Minnesota, property owners face heavy snowfalls for several months each year. During the winter and early spring, snow may fall, then melt, and then refreeze. Snow is heavy and, even though Minnesota roofs are designed to handle the weight, exceptionally heavy snowfalls can build up to create a hazard for your roof. In addition, ice dams can form, backing up melted water, where it can leak into your attic and walls. Roof maintenance services offered by Incline Exteriors include roof snow removal and ice dam removal. We use proper snow removal processes and remove ice dams without using dangerous methods that can actually damage your roof. We also install ice dam melting strips along eaves that can minimize ice dam problems in the future. If you’re concerned about heavy snow loads on your roof, or see large icicles that indicate an ice dam on your eaves, call us for a quick response and a correct, safe solution.



    A wide variety of roof problems can be quickly and affordably repaired by our experienced roofers, and don’t require roof replacement. In addition, roof maintenance performed when needed, will extend the lifetime of any roof, adding to the value of your initial investment in a high-quality roof.

    Minnesota Expert Roof Maintenance & Repair Services for the Twin Cities

    For roof maintenance and repair, don’t rely on handymen, inexperienced workers, or roofing companies who are more interested in selling you a new roof than in fixing your problem. Rely on a professional, experienced roofing contractor, like Incline Exteriors to handle those jobs. Improper maintenance and repairs can further damage your roof and make matters worse. Our experienced roofing specialists will do the job right, and can save you the cost of replacing your roof. We welcome roof repair and maintenance work, and will never use your need for repairs to try to sell you a new roof you don’t need. Call us anytime if you have concerns about any issue with your roof.