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From heavy rains and blizzards to high winds, roofs in Minnesota face many challenges. Year after year, our harsh weather conditions present a real challenge to roofs in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Keeping your Twin Cities home dry and comfortable in such conditions year after year is essential. Only high-quality roofing materials, installed by experienced, qualified roofers who make expert installation their top priority, can assure you of the long life, beauty, and protection you demand and deserve for your home or commercial property. At Incline Exteriors, we are completely focused on quality, both in materials and installation. Our reputation as Minnesota most reliable roofing contractor is at stake with every job we do. Always competitive in price for new and replacement roofing, our emphasis on quality in every job we do is the reason for our continuing success.



Whether you’re building a new home for yourself, a new housing development, or need a roof replacement for an existing home, insist on quality in all aspects of the roof. As a leading new construction roofing contractor in the Twin Cities, we work closely with developers and home builders to install new roofs on schedule, as specified, and with fast, efficient performance. For replacement roofs, outstanding work and attention to detail are our hallmarks. Call us for a free evaluation and estimate or for a bid on your new construction project.


Roof Repair Services

When you have problems with your roof, such as leaks, damage, or other concerns, it’s common to think that a new roof is the only solution. In many cases, though, proper repairs done by qualified roofing professionals can take care of the problem, extending the life of your roof at an economical price. Some roofing companies try to avoid roofing repairs or use them only as an excuse to sell you a replacement roof. At our trusted roofing company, we’ll evaluate the problem, explain your options, and make any repairs that are needed, if that’s the best option. Call us for a fast response.estimate or for a bid on your new construction project.



Heavy snowfalls are a fact of life in Minnesota, and weight is the problem. Deep build-ups of snow can add tons of weight to your roof. While homes in Minnesota are designed to handle snow loads, many homeowners want that snow removed. In addition, snow melting on your roof and then refreezing can create ice dams. They can cause leaks and roof damage. If you’re concerned about snow depths on your roof or have ice dams, call us. Our crews will safely clear that built-up snow and remove ice dams the correct way. Improper ice-dam removal can seriously damage your roof. Let us handle the job properly.



Fiberglass Asphalt Shingle Roofing

As the most popular and economical roofing material, fiberglass-reinforced asphalt composition 3-tab shingles are a big part of our roofing work. For both new and replacement roofing, these materials are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and quality levels. Properly installed, these affordable roofing solutions will last for decades, keeping your home dry and comfortable, no matter what the Minnesota weather dishes out. We’ll work with you to make the best possible choice for your home and budget, and install your new roof expertly and efficiently. We supply and install a wide range of top-quality roofing brands, including CertainTeed and GAF, so we can match your exact requirements.


Architectural Laminated Shingle Roofing

When exceptional beauty, unique appearance, and top-quality performance are what you demand, architectural style composition roofing is a great choice for your fine home. Incorporating a multi-layer laminated design, today’s architectural shingles are available in a wide range of beautiful three-dimensional designs, and offer superior strength and weather resistance, when compared to standard asphalt composition and fiberglass shingles. With warranties up to a lifetime and a distinctive appearance that provides exceptional beauty and individuality to any home, architectural shingles are the logical choice for today’s upscale, larger homes. At our Minneapolis St. Paul roofing company, we can show you a wide range of top-quality architectural shingle options for your home.


Cedar Shake & Shingle Roofing

When traditional beauty, unique appearance, and uncompromising luxury are what you demand, cedar shake and shingle roofing is a great choice. Somewhat more expensive than some other types of roofing, the natural appearance and unique nature of a red cedar shake or shingle roof complements the most luxurious of homes. Extremely durable, a high-quality red cedar roof, properly installed by experts from our Twin Cities roofing company, adds value, enhances the insulating properties of your roof, and gives your home the unique look you want. Rely on us to help you select top-quality red cedar materials and to install your new shake or shingle roof using meticulous care to ensure maximum durability and beauty. It’s one of our favorite roof types, and we specialize in top-flight installation.


Synthetic Slate Roofing

Slate roofs have long been the gold standard when durability for tens of decades and even centuries was needed. Traditionally, slate shingles laboriously cut from solid slate rock, were used, and could last for centuries when properly applied. Today, real slate roofs are rare, due to high cost and inadequate supply of the materials. However, roofing materials manufacturers like Certainteed have created synthetic slate shingles for residential roofing that provide the classic beauty of slate roofs. After installation, they will last an retain their beauty for many decades to come on your roof. At our Minnesota roofing company, we have installed synthetic slate roofs for some of the most beautiful homes in the Twin Cities area. Our skilled, experienced craftsmen can create a luxurious synthetic slate roof for your home, too.


Flat & Low Slope Roofing

For low-slope and flat roofs, the quality of both roofing materials and installation is critical to stand Minnesota’s extreme weather conditions. For both residential and commercial roofing, low pitch roofs demand extra care in choosing roofing materials and exacting, careful installation. As the premier roofing contractor in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we expertly install Mule Hide EPDM rubber membrane and granulated modified bitumen roofing, along with products from other manufacturers, to meet our customer’s needs. Our roofing installers cut no corners and take no shortcuts, ensuring you of a leak-free, long lasting roof in any weather. Call us for a free estimate for your flat roofing needs.




    As an integral part of our complete menu of roofing services, we’re also available to perform roof inspections for both homeowners and for real estate sales services. Our roof inspections are thorough, complete, and objective. We don’t do roof inspections just to sell a new roof. Instead, we evaluate each roof individually and provide factual, accurate information. We don’t believe in replacing serviceable roofs that have years of life left in them. You can count on us to give you the facts, not a sales pitch. Throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, we’re proud to have roofed many of our neighbor’s homes with top-rated materials and workmanship. With our constant focus on quality and performance, we help homeowners and small business owners by installing long-lasting, affordable roofing that matches both their needs and high expectations for appearance and value.

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    Whatever your residential or commercial roofing needs may be, there’s no reason to settle for less than the best. The roofing business is highly competitive, and we’ll compete with any roofing company on price, but we will provide only the best service to our customers. Don’t pay for expensive TV advertising and door-to-door salesmen and sacrifice quality. Instead, call the leader in roofing services – Incline Exteriors. Our reputation is on the line with every job, so quality is our top priority. We do roofing one roof at a time, and we do roofing right.