Insurance Restoration

Homeowner’s Insurance Roof Restoration – Twin Cities, MN

Homeowners in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area are always thinking about the weather. There’s an excellent reason for that. During most of the year, powerful storms can pop up, bringing heavy rain, high winds, large hail, and blizzards. Any of those can damage your home’s exterior, from your roof to siding and windows. When that happens, most homeowners aren’t sure what to do. At Incline Exteriors, we’ve helped our customers weather the storms and the complications of dealing with insurance companies. If your home is damaged in a storm, you may not be aware of the total extent of that damage, and the insurance company may not automatically compensate you fully for that damage unless they are aware of all damage. That’s when our trusted home exterior contracting experience and knowledge can help.

There’s no question about it – storm damage can be traumatic and disruptive to your life. In the worst cases, you may not be able to stay in your home if the damage is severe enough. Your goals and ours are the same: to get your roof and exteriors restored completely, quickly and properly. The insurance company’s goals are somewhat different. They want to pay as little as possible to settle your claim, but they will pay for all legitimate, documented damage. So, here’s a guide on what to do if you have damage from a storm or other incident covered by your insurance, step-by-step.


1. Contact Insurance Company

Tell them that your home has been damaged and open a claim with them. Tell them that you want to work with our roofing and siding company to handle the restoration. They will give you a claim number.

2. Call Us For An Exterior Inspection.

Our experienced inspector will identify and list all damage to your roof, siding and windows caused by the storm or other incident. You may be surprised to learn that some damage isn’t immediately visible, especially to inexperienced eyes. We will identify all damage.

3. Assess The Damage

We will be happy to meet with the insurance company’s adjuster at your property and provide information about the damage to your home and the cost estimate for our roof restoration work. We’ll work to make sure he or she is aware of all of the damage and make a case for our proposed work. We’ll also communicate with you to discuss the progress. Our goal is always to do a complete, thorough restoration job.

4. Get A Roof Repair or Replacement

After an agreement is reached between you, your insurance company, and us on the scope and extent of the damage and the materials to be used, we’ll be ready to get started. We’ll always make the case for proper repairs, as your expert. We’re on your side, and your insurance company does want to reimburse you for all covered damage.
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5. Get Reimbursement Check From Insurance Company

The next step will be for your insurance company to issue a check for the first payment of the claim settlement. All settlement checks will come to you. When you forward the check to us, we’ll order materials and start the restoration project.

6. Complete The Repair Job

When our work is completed, we’ll submit an invoice for the complete restoration to you and the insurance company, and they will release the rest of the claim funds in a check to you, which you can use to finish paying for the work.



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