Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Roof Snow Removal & Ice Dam Removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Over the past few years, homeowners and business owners in the Twin Cities metro area have experienced a number of dramatic winter snowstorms. Deep accumulations of snow, followed by partial melting and even more snow have led to roofs with deep layers of heavy snow. To make matters worse, melting snow on rooftops, caused by poor attic ventilation and insulation frequently cause serious ice dams at the eaves of many homes. We noticed the large icicles hanging from homes all around the Twin Cities and soon received countless phone calls about these issues from homeowners and business owners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Owners were concerned with the developing situation, and needed professional assistance to remove the built up snow and ice dams from their roofs.

Weather & Roof Challenges In Minnesota

Even though Minnesota roofs are designed and engineered to handle typical snow loads, excessive snow presents many problems. That’s why our experienced roofers are on call during the winter months to help our customers remove heavy snow accumulations and ice dams. There are also many other general handymen and construction workers offering their services to homeowners during the winter, sometimes even going door-to-door and selling snow and ice dam removal services. Homeowners should know, however, that doing these jobs properly requires experience, along with proper tools and techniques. Improper roof snow and ice dam removal can damage your roof even more than the snow and ice itself. You should only trust properly trained and equipped roofing specialists, like those at our Twin Cities roofing companies to perform these services. It’s not worth the risk of causing roof damage to your home or business, or personal harm for that matter.

Do-It-Yourself Snow & Ice Dam Removal Is Dangerous

As we drive around the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, everyone at our professional roofing company is alarmed to see homeowners and others attempting to rake snow from their roofs or even climbing up on roofs to remove snow. We have even seen people attempting to use a snowblower on their roof! We also see people attempting to chisel away ice dams or inexperienced workers using hot steam to attempt ice dam removal. We’re alarmed because we know that improper techniques and inexperienced workers can cause serious roof damage in the process. Even worse, climbing on ice and snow covered roofs or high on ladders can lead to life-threatening falls and injuries. In most cases, those roofs and homeowners would be better off to leave the snow in place than to attempt these jobs.

Professional Snow & Ice Dam Removal – Your Best Solution

As a leading roofing company in Minnesota, we don’t install roofs during the winter as a rule. However, to serve our customers and other home and business owners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, our roofing services include roof snow and ice dam removal. When heavy snow accumulates, one call to us brings trained, experienced roofers to your property. After accessing your roof, they will safely remove snow accumulations from your roof, using proper equipment and safety procedures. With heavy snow removed from the roof the stress on your roof is gone, ice dams cannot form, and both issues are solved quickly, affordably and professionally. There’s no safety risk for you or worry about unprofessional workers damaging your roof.

If ice dams have already developed on your roof, we can safely remove them to let water flow off your roof, instead of backing up under your shingles and causing costly leaks and interior damage to your home. Our ice dam removal techniques won’t harm your roof or damage your eaves, like unprofessional ice dam removal techniques can. We do the job right because we have the training, experience and equipment needed to handle the job. We can even install professional-grade automatic, electric ice dam prevention equipment on your eaves to prevent future ice dams. You can trust your roof to us. We’re professional roofers, and we’ll handle the job correctly, professionally, and affordably.

Professional Ice Dam Removal & Prevention for Minneapolis-St. Paul Homes

Anytime you need any work done on the roof of your home or light commercial building, insist on professional roofers to handle the job. At Incline Exteriors, we’ve seen the damage caused by inexperienced, amateur, and handyman-style work on roofs throughout the Twin Cities western metro area we serve. For roof snow and ice-dam removal, only professional work by experienced roofers is acceptable. Anything less can mean wasting your money on work that can even cause expensive damage to your roof. If you’re concerned about heavy snow accumulations or ice dams, call us right away. We’ll respond quickly and handle the job properly, at a price you that makes affordable sense.