Laminated Shingle Roofing

Minnesota Laminated Architectural Shingle Roofing – Minneapolis St. Paul

While standard asphalt 3-tab shingles have long been the most common shingle type used on residential roofs, homeowners often want a more distinctive, unique appearance for their larger, upscale homes, without the high cost and complexity of cedar shake and shingle or slate roofs. Leading roofing materials manufacturers, like CertainTeed, GAF and others, have responded with a new shingle type, the laminated architectural shingle. They are thicker than standard shingles, and are designed to create a three-dimensional appearance and random appearance like wood shake roofs. These new shingles quickly became the gold standard for luxurious new homes and for replacing the roofs of fine homes of all types. Their randomized colors and textures, along with their dramatic appearance, provide a beautiful custom look for today’s complex roofs, without the high cost of traditional luxury roofing materials.


How Much Does a Laminated Architectural Shingle Roof Cost?

A premium-quality architectural shingle roof costs more than even the best grades of asphalt composite shingle roofing, without question. These heavy-duty, unique materials are more expensive, and installation takes longer. However, the total cost of your architectural shingle roof can vary a great deal, based on your choice of materials. If price is a primary consideration, select one of the simpler, more affordable designs to keep the total cost down. If cost is less important, luxury grades of architectural shingles can provide the unique look and exceptional beauty you demand. Since these roofs are designed to last a lifetime, the cost for your new roof represents a great value over time. Whatever materials you choose, the seasoned roofers at our Twin Cities roofing company will install your roof to the highest, most exacting standards.


Enduring Beauty & Lifetime Value

Architectural laminated shingles for Minneapolis St. Paul have exacting installation requirements. Only an experienced, meticulous roofing company that makes high quality roofing practices a top priority can install these products correctly, assuring you of a lifetime of durability and protection for your home. At Incline Exteriors, our experience with these products, our thoroughly trained and detail-oriented roofing installers, and our dedication to complete customer satisfaction makes us your best choice. We’ll construct a beautiful, long-lasting architectural shingle roof for your high-value home.


Architectural Shingle Design Choices

With laminated architectural shingles, high quality is built into all of these products by design. For homeowners, choosing the exact roof shingle style and color to complement their beautiful home is the primary concern. And leading roofing manufacturers, like CertainTeed and others, have responded by introducing many new styles and colors to meet every need. Along with styles and colors, homeowners can choose from a range of grades of laminated architectural roofing shingles, with products available to match the budgets of owners of modest homes or luxurious mansions. From simple, understated designs to luxury designs that mimic elegant roofs from the past, our versatile roofing company in Minnesota can show you a wide range of options for your new roof. Most products offer lifetime warranties from the manufacturer.


Experienced High-Value Shingle Roofing Company – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Any roofing company can sell you a laminated architectural roof for your home. Not every roofing company, however, will install that premium roof with the same level of expertise and care. You should trust your new roof only to a Minnesota roofing company with a solid, long-term reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. At Incline Exteriors, our experience with the highly technical installation requirements of today’s architectural shingles and our dedication to proper, meticulous installation techniques is the basis for our continuing outstanding reputation. We never sacrifice quality for profit, and that’s your assurance of satisfaction. Call us today to discuss your roofing needs.