Top 5 Most Durable Roofing Materials for Minnesota Homes

If you live in Minnesota, you know how unpredictable – and how intense – the local weather can be. The roof of your home has to stand up against downpours, snowfalls, hailstorms, and high-speed winds throughout the year. Naturally, you’ll probably want the most durable roof possible to weather the elements. Continue reading to learn about the sturdiest and longest lasting roofing materials to install next time you need a roof replacement.

The 5 Sturdiest Roofing Materials, Ranked

  • #1: Slate Tiles

If you want a roof that will last longer than you and is also virtually indestructible, slate tiles are the way to go. A slate roof will stand up to all but the most extreme storms without a scratch. If properly installed, slate roofing will easily last for 75 to 100 years. The drawback of slate tiles is the cost of installation, which tends to be as much as four times as higher than a traditional asphalt shingle roof installation. It’s also worth noting that because slate tiles weigh so much, certain homes cannot support them without expensive retrofitting.


cedar shake roof - minnesota
  • #2: Composite Shingles

While the exact composition of composite shingles (also known as synthetic shingles) may vary, this new-age roofing material is a great choice for a durable roof installation in Minnesota. Composite shingles are often modeled to resemble either cedar shakes or slate tiles but they’re much cheaper to install. Composite shingles are highly resistant to damage from hail and wind, and they boast an impressive lifespan of 40 to 50 years.

  • #3: Standing Seam Metal Panels

A standing seam metal roof is constructed from metal panels that are joined at the seams. These metal panels can contract and expand during the freeze-thaw cycle – a huge benefit in Minnesota – and they can also handle inclement weather reliably. Standing seam metal roofs have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years.

  • #4: Cedar Shakes

Considered one of the most beautiful roofing choices, cedar shakes are unfortunately also one of the most expensive due to being made from real wood. Cedar shakes offer good resilience against both wind and hail, though they’re susceptible to algae and mold growth that can weaken their integrity over time. On average, a cedar shake roof will last 30 years, though that lifespan can be expanded to 50 years with regular maintenance.

  • #5: Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roof materials not just in Minnesota, but throughout the United States. Their price is a major factor in this; asphalt shingles are the cheapest to install. Unfortunately, they’re also not as durable as some other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years and are more vulnerable to wind and hail than other roofing materials are.


Are You Ready for a Durable Roof Replacement?

It’s important to choose the right roofing materials for your home and it’s equally important to hire the right roofers for roof replacement. Contact Incline Exteriors today if you’d like to have a durable new roof installed in the Lake Minnetonka area!

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