Roofing Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Service

One of our most important roles as a professional, quality-oriented roofing company in the Twin Cities metro area is providing honest, objective answers to questions about roofing. At Incline Exteriors, when people call us with questions about roofing, we don’t use those questions as a way to sell new roofs. Instead, we provide answers to every question that help people make the best decisions for their needs. We take that responsibility very seriously. Some of the most frequently asked questions we hear include those listed below:


I’m pretty handy. Could I do my own re-roofing?

Some homeowners, with excellent skills, replace their own roofs. For simple gable roofs, using standard 3-tab composition shingles, it can be done. However, it’s a big job, and mistakes can lead to serious problems over time. Add the safety risks of working on roofs, and the potential for problems almost always outweigh the cost savings. Having an expert roofing team from our Minnesota roofing company handle the job, even on simple roofs, just makes sense in many ways. You’ll get a job done properly, and without the risks of roof problems and injury.

Can you just add another layer of roofing on my old roof?

Building codes in all Minneapolis-St. Paul counties require that the old roofing materials be removed before replacing the existing roof. While overlay roofs are installed in some areas, a number of factors make them less satisfactory than complete roof replacement. The additional weight, the unknown condition of the underlayment on the existing roof, and the shortened life of overlay roofing mean that overlays are just not a good idea. In any case, building code prohibits overlaying a roof.

Should I go up on my roof to check on its condition?

We recommend that homeowners avoid climbing on their own roofs. Even low-slope roofs can be dangerous for inexperienced people. At our Minneapolis St. Paul area roofing company, we take safety very seriously, and our workers are carefully trained in safety while working on roofs. You can do a visual inspection from the ground, using binoculars to examine your roof. You can also use a ladder, carefully, to inspect the area around your eaves. If you have concerns about the condition of your roof, just call us for a free evaluation and estimate for all of your roofing needs.

I hear a lot about ice dams in the news. How can I tell if I have them?

Ice dams on roofs are caused when ice builds up in the eaves area of a roof, due to melting and re-freezing of snow on the roof. That can cause water from melting to pool up above the ice dam. Over time, that water can infiltrate under the roofing materials, causing leaks and serious interior damage to your home. Ice dams usually occur when attics are not well insulated or have poor ventilation. If you see large icicles hanging from your eaves or rain gutters, there’s a strong chance an ice dam has formed. Incline Exteriors can safely remove excess snow and ice dams from your roof, if they occur. When you need a new roof, we can install proper ventilation and will use waterproof underlayments designed to prevent leakage. Call us for snow and ice dam removal and for re-roofing.

I have a rental property that needs a new roof. What is your cheapest roof?

Our roofing company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area doesn’t install “cheap” roofs. Every roof we install is a high quality roof. However, our pricing for new roofs is highly competitive. A new asphalt composition standard 3-tab shingle replacement roof installed by us is highly affordable for rental properties and will protect your investment for decades to come. A “cheap” roofing job that doesn’t last, or that is installed by inexperienced roofers, is no bargain at all, and could be very costly in the long run.

Water is leaking around my chimney! Will I have to replace my roof?

In most cases, we can fix such leaks without replacing the entire roof. Most leaks around chimneys originate with the flashing for the chimney. After thoroughly inspecting the flashing and roofing, we can usually make repairs, as long as the roofing is sound. If you’ve been told that you need a complete re-roofing, get a second opinion before making that commitment. At our top-quality roofing company in the Minneapolis area, we never use easily repairable roof leaks to sell a re-roofing job. Instead, we will give you an honest, objective estimate for repairs that will take care of the leak, whenever possible.

How much does a new roof cost? 

This is one of the most common questions we hear. The answer is always: “It depends.” A new roof’s cost is based on many factors. The total square footage of your roof is the most important, followed by the type of roofing you select. The design of your roof also affects the cost, along with details like valleys, chimneys, vents, and other areas that require flashing. Other factors, like any need to repair or replace roof decking or a need for installation of roof ventilators, can influence the cost. Labor costs, too, make up a large part of the cost of re-roofing. The real question to ask is, “How much will my new roof cost?” In a free, no-obligation visit to your home, we can provide an accurate price estimate for your particular home. We’ll show you all of your options, answer all of your questions, and then give you a price estimate for a high quality roof, installed by experienced craftsmen for your home.

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In almost two decades of providing high quality roofing services to our customers the Twin Cities metro area, we’ve fielded thousands of questions. In every case, our roofing experts provide the honest, objective answers our customers need to make the right decisions about their roofs. Many times, we’ve been able to reassure potential clients that they don’t need a new roof right now. At other times, we recommend a roof replacement, and offer a wide range of options to each customer, explaining the benefits of each option, and then leave the decisions to the customer’s own judgment. If you have questions about the roof on your home or light commercial property, give us a call to get answers you can trust. You’ll talk to a roofing expert, not just a salesperson.



    As an integral part of our complete menu of roofing services, we’re also available to perform roof inspections for both homeowners and for real estate sales services. Our roof inspections are thorough, complete, and objective. We don’t do roof inspections just to sell a new roof. Instead, we evaluate each roof individually and provide factual, accurate information. We don’t believe in replacing serviceable roofs that have years of life left in them. You can count on us to give you the facts, not a sales pitch. Throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, we’re proud to have roofed many of our neighbor’s homes with top-rated materials and workmanship. With our constant focus on quality and performance, we help homeowners and small business owners by installing long-lasting, affordable roofing that matches both their needs and high expectations for appearance and value.

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    Whatever your residential or commercial roofing needs may be, there’s no reason to settle for less than the best. The roofing business is highly competitive, and we’ll compete with any roofing company on price, but we will provide only the best service to our customers. Don’t pay for expensive TV advertising and door-to-door salesmen and sacrifice quality. Instead, call the leader in roofing services – Incline Exteriors. Our reputation is on the line with every job, so quality is our top priority. We do roofing one roof at a time, and we do roofing right.