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Metal Roofing in Eden Prairie, MN

Are you seeking metal roofing services in Eden Prairie?

Between its impressive longevity and its durability against the elements, metal roofing makes a great choice for any house. When you want a metal roof installed on your home in Eden Prairie, bring in the veteran roofers who you know will deliver flawless work.


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Over the years, Incline Exteriors has built a reputation as a trustworthy roofing contractor who can repair, replace and install metal roofs on houses in Eden Prairie. Our crew works with precision when installing metal roofs to guarantee that our work will be leak-free and last for decades.

There are many different types of metal roofing including stone coated steel, metal panels and standing seams. While cedar shakes and asphalt shingles tend to be the most popular choices for roofs in Eden Prairie, metal roofing has many advantages. Sturdy, energy-efficient and resistant to fire, ice and thunderstorms, metal roofs will offer your home stylish protection for 50 years or more.

Whether you’ve decided to have a brand new metal roof installed on your house or you want to replace one that’s been there for many years, our skilled roofing experts can be trusted to do an outstanding job.


The Top Metal Roofing Services in Eden Prairie

Metal roofing is a beautiful and durable choice for any home that can endure the elements much better than other roofing materials. Call Incline Exteriors today for adept metal roofing services in the Eden Prairie area!


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    As an integral part of our complete menu of roofing services, we’re also available to perform roof inspections for both homeowners and for real estate sales services. Our roof inspections are thorough, complete, and objective. We don’t do roof inspections just to sell a new roof. Instead, we evaluate each roof individually and provide factual, accurate information. We don’t believe in replacing serviceable roofs that have years of life left in them. You can count on us to give you the facts, not a sales pitch. Throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, we’re proud to have roofed many of our neighbor’s homes with top-rated materials and workmanship. With our constant focus on quality and performance, we help homeowners and small business owners by installing long-lasting, affordable roofing that matches both their needs and high expectations for appearance and value.

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    Whatever your residential or commercial roofing needs may be, there’s no reason to settle for less than the best. The roofing business is highly competitive, and we’ll compete with any roofing company on price, but we will provide only the best service to our customers. Don’t pay for expensive TV advertising and door-to-door salesmen and sacrifice quality. Instead, call the leader in roofing services – Incline Exteriors. Our reputation is on the line with every job, so quality is our top priority. We do roofing one roof at a time, and we do roofing right.